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Jennifer is currently in her second year at the Smith School of Business.  She joined DECA Queen’s as the Logistics Director in 2017, and is now delighted to serve as the Co-Chair. Jennifer first learned about DECA in Grade 11, participating at the Regional and Provincial Level.  This year, she is eager to take the skills she learned last year and apply them to building an esteemed conference. In the summer of 2017, Jennifer completed a 4-month internship at a local energy distributor as a financial intern.   Aside from DECA, Jennifer is the Marketing Director for Queen’s Hemophilia Society and the First Year Outreach Coordinator for the Queen’s University Blood Team.   In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys listening to music, playing badminton, and reading.  Jennifer is greatly looking forward to making connections between all executive members and ensuring DECA Queen’s is even more successful than last year!

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Ethan is in his first year at The Smith School of Business.  He joined DECA Queen’s as the first year representative in 2017, and now serves as Co-Chair. His passion for DECA began in high school where he competed for two years before becoming president in his senior year and leading his club in several competitions.  Apart from his work with DECA, Ethan’s focus is on creating new business connections and opportunities through his participation in innovative conferences and events at Queen’s.  In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, skiing, playing basketball, and investing in emerging markets.  As an outgoing character, Ethan thrives in competitive environments and continually seeks new opportunities through business relationships.  He is looking forward to leading future DECA conferences and forging a new direction with his Co-Chairs.

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A Kingston native, Sydney is in his third year of studies at Queen’s University and is currently studying abroad in Italy. Having been exposed to DECA in high school, it has played a pivotal role in developing his interest in business and problem solving. He is ecstatic to continue his involvement as cochair for DECA Queen’s. This summer, Sydney will to be joining Deloitte. In his spare time he enjoys reading and following the NBA.


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Daniel liddell

Corporate relations director

Coming from Oakville, Daniel has almost completed his second year at the Smith School of Business. Daniel occupied the role of Speakers Coordinator during his first year, and is excited to take on the role of Corporate Relations Director for this year. This summer, he will be working as a Junior Analyst at a real estate investment company, Starlight Investments. In his free time, Daniel enjoys playing competitive soccer, downhill ski racing and cheering on the mighty Liverpool FC.

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Eric Ding

Finance Director

Eric is a Commerce student from Ottawa who is passionate about finance and DECA. Eric first became involved in DECA when he founded his high school’s chapter in 2016. Since then, he has gained a wide range of experience across business and finance, including in entrepreneurship, investment banking, and sales. Since age 8, Eric has enjoyed playing piano and hockey, and likes to keep up with various television shows. Eric is looking forward to working with the rest of the executive to plan an amazing conference at Queen’s.

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Julia Cai

Logistics Coordinator

Before coming to Queen’s, Julia called Mississauga home, and she is currently finishing up her first year in Commerce. Her DECA journey began in high school where she spent time as a competitor, executive team member and President for her high school DECA Chapter. She qualified for the DECA International Competition in Gr. 11, having placed 9th place provincially in the area of Marketing Management, and was recognized for her written score with a Finalist medal at Internationals. In her spare time, Julia likes to read whatever sparks her interest, have meaningful conversations with others, and of course, eat all the sushi that she possibly can. Julia is excited to continue her DECA experience at Queen’s and is looking forward to organizing a fantastic Invitationals as DECA Queen’s Logistics Coordinator!

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Logistics Coordinator

Coming from Ottawa, Yi is entering her third year of studies at the Smith School of Business. Yi was first introduced to DECA in high school, and is thrilled to be joining the Queen's DECA team as the Internal Logistics Coordinator. She is excited to work with a team of inspired business students from a variety of faculties. Outside of school, Yi is passionate about ballet and music. She is looking forward to working with an amazing team and cannot wait to see what is in store for the 2018 Invitational Conference.



Cases Director

Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Alisha is finishing her first year as a commerce student in the Smith School of Business at Queen's University. She is eager to join DECA Queen's as their appointed case director, which will allow her to bring her knowledge and passion for cases forward. In her spare time, Alisha likes to dance, shop online, or enjoy a meal at the Cactus Club Cafe. She is looking forward to seeing what her team has in store for this year's conference!

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Alan qin

Sponsorship Coordinator

Joining us from Ottawa, Alan is currently in his second year studying at the Smith School of Business. He is excited to be joining the DECA Queen's team as a sponsorship coordinator after participating in the Invitational conference and taster events for the past two years. Alan brings experience from his previous role as a sponsorship coordinator with Queen's Relay for Life and is eager to grow DECA's sponsor base with a focus on up and coming technology companies. Beyond his commitment to DECA, Alan has been a life-long hockey player and enjoys reading. Alan is excited to be working with the DECA team this year to make a truly exceptional experience for delegates and sponsors alike!

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Cameron magee

Sponsorship Coordinator

Cameron is a first-year commerce student at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. He is from Rothesay, New Brunswick and was first exposed to DECA during his first year at Queen’s. After learning more about the conference, he became further interested and is now on the executive team as sponsorship coordinator. Cameron also coaches tennis, and has competed internationally in downhill ski racing. Cameron enjoys travelling, watching the office, and walking his dog.

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Sponsorship Coordinator

I am excited to be part of the Sponsorship team for this year's DECA Executive! I currently have a Sponsorship role with the AMS Recreation & Athletic Committee, so I am eager to expand my knowledge and experiences with DECA for this year's conference! I was born and raised in the very boring Kitchener, Ontario, where I was very active in the school community. I have played and watched hockey ever since I could walk, and would consider myself a diehard Leafs fan. I am finishing up my second year at Smith, where I've grown tremendously as a student and a person! I hope to stretch my role as a Sponsorship Coordinator to attract exceptional companies to this year's Invitational Conference




Aaron is in his second year at the Smith School of business. He joined DECA Queen’s as the First Year Representative in 2017, and is now serving as the Speakers Coordinator for 2018. His experience with DECA started in Grade 11 where he placed 2nd in Ontario and went on to compete in Nashville, Tennessee. In his Grade 12 year he placed 4th in Ontario. During his free time, Aaron enjoys going hiking, camping, and cliff diving. Aaron is excited to see what DECA Queen’s has in store for 2018, and looks forward to adding talented speakers to the panel.

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erin peterson

Speakers Coordinator

Erin Peterson is a first year student in the applied science program, and is planning to major in computer engineering. She was raised in Kingston, ON, and went to high school on Queen’s campus at Kingston CVI. Erin has done DECA in high school for three years, and placed first at the International Career Development Conference for the Financial Literacy Promotion Project in grade 12. She is passionate about spreading financial literacy knowledge to students, and does so by holding an annual financial literacy symposium involving around 200 Kingston students. Erin hopes to continue to expand and refine her scheduling and time management skills while working with the DECA Queen’s team, as well as meet outstanding people from different programs at Queen’s. In her spare time, Erin enjoys going to the gym, spending time with her friends and family, and taking hikes with her dogs.

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Katie lobban

Delegates Coordinator 

I’m Katie but I basically answer to anything. I’m from Waterloo Ontario and currently live between Kingston Oakville and Toronto. I am a second year Human Geography Major hoping to pursue Urban Planning. In the 2017 year, I was a DECA Brand Ambassador but I have also managed fundraiser events in the past. This year I am really looking forward to meeting so many people and helping create a positive DECA experience for both the exec team and conference delegates! Outside of Geography and DECA, I enjoy hanging out with friends and dogs, drinking lots of coffee, listening to music and trying to make latte art.

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Johnny guo


Johnny is from Etobicoke, Toronto. He was first exposed to DECA in 2013 at the club fair in high school. Growing up he has always enjoyed learning new things and mastering new skills, and with that mindset, decided to join DECA. Throughout his 4 years of high school, he first joined DECA as a participant and later joined his high school executive. He hopes joining DECA Queens will further give him the opportunity to further develop his passion for business, broaden his network and discover life long friendships. 

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Akash Pharasi

Marketing Coordinator

For Akash, DECA was always one of the most well known business clubs in highschool and this recognition has followed through with him to university. When he first joined Commerce, DECA was one of the first case competitions the took part in and due to its diversity. The competition helped in opening the doors as to what streams he could pursue through his degree. As an executive member this year, he is hoping to help take DECA to new heights and impart the same positive impact that it had on him, onto others.


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nicole praysner

Marketing Coordinator

Coming from Richmond Hill, Nicole is going into her second year at the Smith School of Business. She was first introduced to DECA Queens in her first year when attending as a delegate and is now thrilled to be apart of the planning process for the 2018 conference! She is hoping to use this experience to meet a variety of new people and further develop her marketing skills to enhance the DECA brand. Aside from her time working with DECA, Nicole enjoys reading, learning new languages and travelling.